About our online Laboratory

The 123.clinic skin whitening store is an independant Laboratory dedicated to skin whitening solutions.

The 123.clinic clinic network helps anyone with different types of treatment.

This store becomes useful when clinics no longer provide skin whitening treatments and when you need to do it remote at home for various reasons.


Some users have skin whitening treatments abroad and need follow-up (as time is a key factor to achieve results) and this where we come in.


The laboratory is 100% dedicated to skin whitening treatments. Though you will get the same products you may find in some clinics throughout the world, we don't provide medicines nor medical services but solutions to do it at home.


Each case being different, we love to hear each one of you so donnot hesitate to contact us. When you send a photo, we always answer you and call you as with a photo we can provide solutions. Attention is paid for each case and each time we take time to explain you how works skin whitening treatments. We believe in:


✔ only natural products and not chemical solutions that don't really bring results and that can be dangerous


✔ products that have different benefices apart from the main one that is to reduce your melanin rate


✔ melanin rate reduction and not treat only the surface of the skin with creams, lasers or other solutions ✔ anyone can do the same types of treatment as most Bollywood or Afro-American stars do all the time