Glow32 My 1rst Treatment plan For Skin phototypes VI- 32 double Glutathione + Vitamin C injections Plan – 4 months + bonus option


✓contains 32 double injections of natural supplements packed in 32 different boxes

✓ Each box contains 1200mg of glutathione + 500mg of vitamin C to be taken as IV or IM injection

✓ Each double injection (under medical supervision & according to local regulations) enables to maximize the whitening effects with the highest rate of absorption

✓ helps to purify the skin, boost immune system and has 15 other proven benefits

✓ 2 double injections per week for 4 months

Bonus: this plan includes an automatic option to order again this same plan at the same price but including a bonus of + 10 boxes with double injections for free. Once you have ordered this plan once, if you want to prolong it just order this plan again at the same price (with same name/email) automatically the bonus will be included in your second order for a total of 42 boxes.

✓ Should you use these injections in a clinic where it is possible (like Turkey or India), it is estimated that the average cost of the same 32 sessions would be around 4480 $

✓ 24/7 support included

✓ Shipping with tracking included