Fair270 My 1rst Treatment plan For Skin phototypes IV – 270 natural skin whitening tablets – 3 months + bonus option


✓ 1rst plan: for those who want to start a first skin whitening treatment plan with flexible options to prolong it, adapt to results and control its intensity

✓ Contains 270 oral coated tablets of 650 mg natural supplements in 27 strips of 10 coated tablets

✓ Each tablet contains 500 mg of L-Glutathione + 50 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid + 40 mg of Vitamin C + 50 mg of Grape seed Extract + 10 mg of Vitamin E

✓ Each tablet nutritional value: 4.15 Kcal of Energy / 0.126 gm of Protein / 0.060 gm of Carbohydrates / 0.375 gm of fat / 0.067 gm of Saturated Fatty Acid / 0 mg of Cholesterol

✓ 3 tablets per day for 3 months  to be taken in the morning with a glass of water

✓ Bonus: this plan includes an automatic option to order again this same plan at the same price but including a bonus of +40 coated tablets for free. Once you have ordered this plan once,      if you want to prolong it just order this plan again at the same price with your name or email and automatically the bonus will be included in your second order

✓ Natural products to reduce your natural melanin rate and avoid treating the surface of the skin with chemical products (laser, peeling, dermabrasion etc)

✓ Unique combination to maximize the whitening effects

✓ Each tablet helps to purify the skin, boost immune system and has more than 15 proven benefits for your health

✓ 24/7 support included

✓ Shipping with tracking included